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WARNING: This book contains sexually explicit subjects that are not appropriate for children...even though kids are learning this stuff in America's public schools!

Stop SeXXX Ed

Did you know state and national teacher unions
use teacher dues behind our backs to push
sexxx ed curriculums that normalize anal and oral
sex for children?

Educate Yourself

Hey Teachers: Did you
know you can have
your cake and
eat it too?

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Founder's Message

Thousands of teachers around the country have asked me the exact same question…

“Can I keep my local teachers’ association and get rid of the state and national teachers’ unions?”

Yes, teachers can keep their local and ditch state and national union bullies — if they decertify the entire web of union control and start fresh with their own local associations.

Most teachers appreciate their local associations because locals do the heavy lifting. Yet my $1,000 in annual union dues was divided. The California Teachers Association took $656, and the National Education Association took $187. Our local survived on $157, and when we local leaders asked for accountability from state and national leadership, we got squashed.

State and national unions control teachers in a culture of fear — using intimidation, isolation, and ignorance to keep us captive, so most teachers have no idea how the unions actually spend our dues.

By overpowering the teaching profession, state and national unions have transformed our schools. Their negative impact is felt from outrageous sex education curriculums normalizing anal and oral sex for children, to activist teachers converting children into social justice warriors, to multi-million dollar attacks on school choice.

So teachers, we all hope you will Keep Your Local Association and ditch the bully state and national unions. It’s the best way to protect our kids and regain authority in our schools and culture. Click on “Teacher Freedom” and drop down to “Keep Your Local” to learn more.

Standing With You For Kids and Country,

Rebecca Friedrichs

Excerpted from Rebecca’s article featured in Southern California News Group outlets. Read the entire article in Los Angeles Daily News.

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Shocking Statements

Teachers’ Union Leaders – In Their Own Words

Inspiring Stories

Ryan Yohn

Ryan Yohn’s name appears on a federal lawsuit he and seven other California teachers filed in 2017 challenging mandatory union membership and the forced dues that come with it. As is usually the case when someone demands workers have the freedom to choose, Ryan was immediately branded as “anti-union,” and, as is usually the case, it just wasn’t true. Not […]

Linda Hoekman

Linda Hoekman loves teaching and says she can’t imagine doing anything else. As a high school physics teacher, she loves seeing the joy in students’ eyes when they finally grasp a challenging concept. She assumed that’s what motivated every teacher but learned that not all teachers are determined to give their best effort. She’s seen teachers hand out worksheets and […]

Tracie Happel

Tracie Happel was a valued member of the faculty at her Wisconsin elementary school, not only receiving high marks as a teacher, but as a mentor to colleagues as well as serving on leadership committees. And yet, little of that seemed to matter when others in her district found out she supported Act 10 – a bill proposed by Gov. […]

Joseph Ocol

Joseph Ocol is a dedicated Chicago teacher who always puts his students first. So how is it that he came to be expelled from his union? Simple. Ocol committed the unpardonable sin – he put the kids ahead of the union. Now he’s expelled, but they still collect full dues from his paychecks. When his union called a strike during […]

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