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Did you know state and national teachers' unions use teacher dues without our permission and behind our backs to push SeXXX Ed curriculums into our schools that normalize Anal Sex for children? Adopt teachers and educate them on their rights to reject those unions and unite together to keep their local associations only. #KeepYourLocal #AdoptATeacher #StopSeXXXed

In Our Own Voices

Bruce, Barb, Rebecca, and Ryan share why teachers like their local associations but resent state and national unions who use teachers to fund a political agenda.

Thousands of teachers around the country have asked me the exact same question...

“Can I keep my local teachers’ association and get rid of the state and national teachers’ unions?”

Yes, teachers can keep their local and ditch state and national union bullies — if they decertify the entire web of union control and start fresh with their own local associations.

Most teachers appreciate their local associations because locals do the heavy lifting. Yet my $1,000 in annual union dues was divided. The California Teachers Association took $656, and the National Education Association took $187. Our local survived on $157, and when we local leaders asked for accountability from state and national leadership, we got squashed.

State and national unions control teachers in a culture of fear — using intimidation, isolation, and ignorance to keep us captive, so most teachers have no idea how the unions actually spend our dues.

By overpowering the teaching profession, state and national unions have transformed our schools. Their negative impact is felt from outrageous sex education curriculums normalizing anal and oral sex for children, to activist teachers converting children into social justice warriors, to multi-million dollar attacks on school choice.

Knowing most teachers appreciate the safety and community of their local associations, unions ensured locals were linked to state and national affiliates, so “opting out” means leaving all three. So if teachers reject union politics in protection of kids, we lose the right to stand with our local teacher friends. Then we’re slandered as “free riders,” enjoying all the “benefits” without paying for them, and “anti-union,” so our colleagues won’t trust us.

Unions got one label right. Teachers who want to “opt out” of being used and abused by them can be labeled, “anti.” We’re “anti-bully unions,” “anti-teacher abuse,” and “anti-harm to children.” We’re strongly in favor of uniting though — we’re “pro-local only.”

But many teachers who are anti-bully unions won’t leave them because they don’t know our dues are being used to harm children and our country, and those who opt out are severely bullied and isolated.

So the surefire way to protect our kids and improve education is to Adopt Teachers — embrace, educate, enlighten, empathize, encourage, and empower them giving them the strength they need to opt out and stand up to bully unions.

Will you do our kids another favor? Let teachers know the answer to their question is “yes!” Yes, teachers can keep their local and ditch state and national union bullies — if they decertify the entire web of union control and start fresh with their own local associations. Bully unions will fight “pro-local only” with a vengeance, but if we stand together with teachers and reject the bullies, we’ll regain authority in our schools and culture, and our kids will be safe and well educated again.

Standing United For Kids and Country,

Rebecca Friedrichs

Excerpted from Rebecca’s article featured in Southern California News Group outlets. Read the entire article in Los Angeles Daily News.


Mark was forced to pay for divisive union politics just to be a public servant. The US Supreme Court decided in Mark's favor on June 27, 2018, so now all public servants (including teachers) are free to opt out of supporting the sexual, social and political agendas of state and national unions.

Adopt A Teacher

Embrace, Educate, Enlighten, Empathize, Encourage, Empower

We all have teachers in our lives.  Choose one whom you know to be a good person who wants to do what’s best for America’s kids and families.

Adopt that teacher today. Right now.

Teachers are the key to bringing safety and healing to our schools and country because state and national teachers’ unions use millions in teacher dues to push SeXXX ed curriculums, and divisive social and political agendas that are against the values treasured by the great majority of America’s families and teachers. State and national unions won’t tell teachers how their dues are spent, so we must educate them, and you’ll learn that information in Rebecca’s upcoming book and on this site. For Kids and Country asks you to join us because our teachers need one on one support. Most love their local unions and are unable to see that local associations (run by their teacher colleagues) are very different from state and national unions which are run by bully union political activists.

So Adopt a Teacher! Here’s how:

  1. Invite your teacher to coffee or for a meal —pay the bill in honor of good teachers, and ask to meet regularly.
  2. Share some highlights of what you’re learning and promise to share more once Rebecca’s book is available.
  3. Share your copy of Rebecca’s book with your teacher friend and discuss the contents. Employ the Six E’s: Embrace, Educate, Enlighten, Empathize, Encourage, and Empower – we’ll explain in more detail after Rebecca’s book launches.
  4. Repeat this process with as many teachers as you can.


After Rebecca’s book is released, you’ll understand more, so keep checking in for more details.  Standing together, we can restore our schools and culture For Kids and Country!

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Terry Bowman, Mark, and Rebecca agree with Thomas Jefferson: “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

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