How To “Keep Your Local” Only Association

Thousands of teachers I’ve met across the country have told me the same thing, “I want to keep my local teachers’ association and get rid of the state and national unions!”  We all know why teachers don’t like the state and national unions – they harass us, control us in their culture of fear, and use our money to push a seXXXual agenda onto our precious students and a divisive social and political agenda into our culture.  Our profession has been degraded by state and national unions, and the only way to restore our profession, schools and culture, is to ditch the bully unions and then reorganize into independent local only associations.

Did you know your local keeps very little of the dues you pay?  Here’s a sample of the distribution of dues using California as an example:

Average CA Teacher Annual Union Dues = $1,000

CTA (state union) Gets = $700

NEA (National Union) Gets = $192

Local Association (Volunteer Teacher Leaders) Keep Only = $108

Wouldn’t it be smarter to lower your dues to maybe $300 a year, hire legal counsel that actually represents your interests, and stop paying for union politics and SeXXX ed that bring harm to our students, our profession and our culture?

Here’s How to Get Started to Keep Your Local Only Association:

  1. Start educating the teachers in your local association about how the unions really spend their money.  Rebecca’s book will launch soon, and it’s loaded with all of the information you need. In the meantime, go to the “Our Stories” page or watch our videos.
  2. Once teachers are educated, all you need is a 51% vote to decertify the entire web of union control – you will be decertifying your local, state and national because all of them are under the control of the state and national unions.
  3. Once you are freed from that web of control, you and your local colleagues simply re-organize under an “independent” local association!
  4. Don’t worry about the liability insurance issue.  The unions have used that for decades to terrify you.  There are many organizations that provide that insurance, and the coverage is higher and better too!
  5. Contact one of our partner organizations (under Teacher Freedom menu) for support and more details.
  6. In the meantime, individual teachers can also immediately “opt out” of membership and pay state and national unions nothing! Use our drop down under Teacher Freedom labeled “Opt Out by State.”


You know teachers, all of you would defend your students from a bully on the playground, but sadly, teachers have been attacking their teacher colleagues who dare to expose state and national union abuses. I know, I’ve been attacked for years, and I’ve lost friends too. We hope you’ll start to understand that those state and national unions have been deceiving teachers – they are the biggest bullies in our nation – and we hope teachers will start to see through the deception and stand up for each other, for the kids, for our profession, and for our country. There’s one way to fix our schools and heal our culture – teachers must stand up to the bullies and America must stand against bully state and national unions and FOR good and loving teachers and kids.


For more details and support, go to our Teacher Freedom menu and click on the dropdown menu to find organizations that can help you with this process!  The state and national unions will bully you and do all they can to stop your decertification process, but we’re here to stand with you For Kids and Country!

Rebecca Friedrichs, Founder, Teacher, Mother, and Supporter of Great Teachers and Kids!